After all the work I’ve been doing around here, it was high time to have some fun with the kiddos.  We decided to head to the fair.  It was a small town fair, so I was actually disappointed that there was almost nothing going on.  Most of the animals had already been taken home to avoid the severe heat wave, and most of the exhibits had already been judged and taken down.  In fact, the whole fair was exactly one block long, with the carnival at one end, and the cattle barn at the other.

The fair.  Yep.  That's it.

The fair. Yep. That’s it.

The carnival rides didn’t even start until later in the evening.  So, we spent several hours just walking around, letting the kids play and goof off a bit, got some horrible fair food for dinner, and found a petting zoo of farm animals.  The kids loved petting on those critters so much, a passer-by would’ve never guessed they live on a farm.

R with a sheep.

R with a sheep.

N admiring a pig.

N admiring a pig.

Finally, the carnival opened.  There were only about 8 rides to choose from, and the younger children could only do about 6 of those.  Nonetheless, we decided to splurge and try to make a memorable evening, so I got all the kids the “ride-all-you-want” arm bands.  And boy, did they ever!  We jumped from one ride to the next to the next and back again.  Thankfully, small fairs mean short lines at the rides, so there were few waits longer than 2 minutes.  They must have ridden their 2 favorites almost a dozen times.













Later, there was a demolition derby, which I enjoy.  I had told the kids about it, and they wanted to watch, so we headed over to the grandstands.  For the next hour, we watched cars bash into each other, and tried to predict who would be the last one running.  When one car suddenly burst into flames, the kids were just mesmerized and thrilled to watch the firefighters douse it.  We saw so many radiators (I guess?) burst, that the smoke from the hood didn’t faze them by the end.



After the demo derby, it was back to the carnival for more rides.  Finally, around 9, I dragged them away, exhausted but still high on good times.  They were all smiles and chatter as we drove home.  They all got to bed late and we slept in a little this morning, but it truly was a great evening together.