Last month, I attended my first farm estate auction.  Man, oh, man did I ever score!  Those are pretty awesome places, assuming you don’t get caught up in the heat of the moment and wind up overpaying for something.  My mother, formerly an avid yard saler and estate auction attender, who taught me all I know about finding great deals, would be so proud!  I came home with a truck-bed load of goodies:


A few of the finds I can remember right off:

  • old-fashioned, but like new, manual drill  $4
  • entire box of drill bits to go with the manual drill $6
  • old American made scythe, rusted, but wooden snath in perfect condition and blade just needing to be cleaned up and sharpened  $1
  • a whole stack of fruit harvesting/storage baskets $5
  • old radio flyer wagon (overpaid a bit, but we needed it for the kiddos)  $15
  • box full of brand new, assorted sizes, landscape fabric  $20
  • and my all-time favorite…an old metal trailer to tow behind our 4-wheeler  $4

I am thrilled with all of it, but I tell you what, that old metal trailer had old fashioned, airless rubber tires that worked perfectly.  I have used that almost daily to haul water, t-posts, kiddos, fencing supplies, firewood, stick for the burn pile, and more!  It was probably the best $4 I could have spent.  Folks thought I was nuts for buying that “piece of junk,” but hey, one man’s junk is another’s treasure, right?  I seemed to have developed a reputation by the end, for for “eclectic” and completely unpredictable choices for bidding on.  Several of the older men in attendance began looking at me to see if I would bid on some odd item that popped up.

I am looking forward to attending more in the future, and find more treasures for almost no cost.