I have been on a bit of a construction phase lately.  Considering I’ve never really worked with wood before, I am quite nervous around power tools, and I have only incredibly hard wood to work with (meaning beautiful wood, but lots of stripped screws and broken screw heads–even with pilot holes!), I really am becoming quite proud of the work I’m accomplishing around here.  One of my recent projects is getting my living room set up a bit.  This house has no shelves to store things, so I have to build them.  I am building 2 sets of 4 decorative shelves in the living room to hold our family scrapbooks, our frequently-used farm reference and religious books, and a few knick-knacks that are meaningful to us.

First, I only had 8 inch boards to work with, so I ripped those down to 7 inches wide, attached 2 together to make a 14-inch shelf, then trimmed off and sanded the front edge to give it more rustic look, and finally stained it.  The photos don’t  show the detail of the edge, but I think it turned out really nice!


I attached one side to a stringer directly on the wall, and the other to a wrought-iron-style bracket.


Then I set to decorating with some of the stuff just sitting homeless around this house.


I am so excited to see things coming together around here.  I still have to finish the shelves on the other side, but I’m over half way to finished.  Then I just have to finish hanging the drapery and I think the living room will be set for a while.