We have a new, temporary addition to the farm.


His name is “Red Bull.”  Pretty original, huh?  I didn’t name him.  He came already named.  His owner is the breeder I bought my Lowline cows from, and the price included a breed back to a bull of my choosing.  He has been working on a Red Lowline line, and insisted this was one of his best, most gentle bulls.  Originally I had planned to send my girls back to his farm to be bred, but he kept insisting this bull is a sweetheart.  Seeing as how I don’t handle the cows much anyway since they prefer to be left alone, I finally agreed.  He dropped him off, and they all became instant friends.


I estimate his weight around 1000 lbs or so.  He isn’t that tall, but he is beefy!  I am VERY respectful of him, and gentle or not, I have no desire to approach him.  I never turn my back to him.  So, you can imagine the pride I felt yesterday when I had to single-handedly herd all 5 (2 cows, 2 steers, 1 bull) from our front forest pasture, back to their normal grazing paddock, all the way down by the house.  That’s about 1/4 mile of walking, with nothing but a buggy whip standing between me and him!  Thankfully, he was indeed a good boy.  It probably helped that Tiffany, his girlfriend in the photo above, wound up being in heat.  I didn’t realize it until we were about 1/2 way across the pasture, and he mounted and happily did his thing.  He refused to leave her side, and I certainly didn’t care to argue about it.  As long as they kept moving in the direction I asked, we were all happy.

Now, I just have to wait until Holly gets bred, and he will go back home to the breeder’s house.  In the mean time, my grass got a little long while the cows were in the front forest paddock, so I am going to use him for all he’s worth to eat it back down so I don’t have to mow.