Our harvest of produce has really begun around Red Gate Farm.  Although quite small this year, it’s still impressive considering how little I planted, TLC was pretty much nonexistent, and we went about 4 weeks with no rain and no watering (for fear my well would dry up, which it already did once this summer).  We’ve gotten a few smaller harvests of kholrabi, zucchini, and green beans, but last week the harvest was more fun.  The kids and I worked together to fill 2, 5-gallon buckets with onions, potatoes, green beans, radishes, and carrots.  Plus, the laying hens are finally getting over the stresses of the move, the gnats, and the heat this summer, and we’ve gone from about 6 eggs a day to about 13 some days (out of 14 hens).


Yesterday, we harvested some rainbow chard, ornamental kale, radishes, carrots, bell pepper, and corn, and I was able to throw together a delicious salad for lunch.

Now, I have to find ways to use up this bounty before it spoils!  This is so much fun.  I just love opening my fridge to see the blessings God has provided, or walking outside and witnessing the fruit of the earth growing before my eyes.  It is a beautiful thing, and brings such peace to know that we are getting ever closer to not being dependent on an economic system that goes against everything we believe in.  Natural, non-GMO, chemical- , pesticide- , and herbicide-free food, grown in nutrient rich compost, watered with well water and rain rather than chlorinated, piped-in city water……oh, what a wonderful feeling!

My first onion braid

My first onion braid