Have you ever been doing your thing, whatever that happens to be at the time, and just received encouragement in some unexpected way?  I love it when that happens, and, for me at least, it often seems to happen when I don’t even know I need encouragement.  Yet, I feel my spirit lift anyway.

Today, it happened twice.  First, the kiddos and I went to a restaurant after church.  When I went to pay, the manager walked over and handed me $20–enough to pay for the majority of our bill.  He explained another customer had just given it to him, and asked him to deliver the message, “Thank you for having such well-behaved children.  We just wanted to help with your lunch today.”  Funny thing is, that’s the second time it’s happened in the same restaurant.  The customers, I’ve noticed, are mostly elderly folks, so I can only assume they have a greater appreciation for manners and respect than today’s generation.

As if that wasn’t encouraging enough, I got home, and decided to add a light bar to JR’s new desk.  I had purchased this LED light bar off the internet, based on some good reviews.  I got the box all opened up, was trying to figure it out, and as I looked on the box for directions, I saw this:


In case you can’t read it, the side of the box says, “You are my lamp, O Lord; the Lord turns my darkness into light.” – 2 Samuel 22:29

Two simple choices by 2 different people, but both were such an encouragement to me today, and because of such a simple gesture (and the fact the lights work great!), I will absolutely be buying more to support this company, which by the way is called, “Lightkiwi.”