It is so amazing how God can intervene, if we but ask.  It is also amazing what a difference just 24-48 hours can make!  I spent Friday evening walking through the neighborhood with kiddos following along, trying to find a good strong guy to hire for moving hay.  I had no luck.  When I wrote my last post late on Friday evening.  I was ready for a good meltdown and just totally overwhelmed.  I prayed, I talked to my dear hubby, who basically told me to swallow my pride and call our pastor, to see if there were any folks in the church that might be able to help.

On Saturday, once chores were done, and I had spent several overwhelming minutes staring at the 160-some odd bales of hay that needed to be moved to the loft of my barn, I gave in.  Sure, I could move the hay, that wasn’t the problem.  The problem was that with the labor involved in such a task, as a diabetic on a pump who is very sensitive to strenuous activity, I knew that even if I shut my insulin off completely, I would likely have major low blood sugars for over 24 hours–not a safe risk to take.  So, I called the pastor.  I explained my predicament.  Within an hour, the pastor and his eighth-grade son showed up, and helped me lift and stack over 100 of the bales.  Later that evening, another parishioner and his son arrived.  I had evening chores that had to be done, and this guy was a farmer himself and totally understood.  He knew hay, he knew how to salt and stack it (the salt helps continue the drying process and prevents mold), and all I had to do was tell him where I wanted it and then go do my other chores.  Meanwhile, his son took my 4-wheeler and mower deck and mowed all the pasture alleys for me so I could walk from paddock to paddock without having to wade through knee-high grass.

Sunday morning, a cousin-in-law came over and agreed to help me finish my last desk-building project, so A and N can each have a school space of their own this year.  I have no doubt his experience will result in a MUCH better finished project than I could have done.

The roofers are still at it.  I can only imagine their disappointment, as the contract we agreed to was literally for an expected 3 days of labor.  I don’t know the whole situation, but apparently the shape of our roof, especially around the dormer windows, caused a lot of unexpected difficulties and delays. It has now been 7 full work days, and by the looks of things, it will be at least another 2-3.  Boy am I thankful for the contract, because I can’t even imagine the labor charges that would be involved otherwise!  I truly feel for the roofing company, but what a blessing for us, in this case!

Meanwhile, I finally found a reliable shop to tune up my 4-wheeler that’s on the fritz a bit, and I have a much-needed appointment to get the oil changed in the van.  My ailing doe, Joy, suddenly took a turn for the better last night, and ate her first grain in almost 4 days, and tonight, her milk was almost back up to normal.  After weeks of advertising, I managed to sell 2 items I had listed on Craigslist, that have been in my way for weeks.  As if all that wasn’t enough, my mom called to say she was going to come visit and help out for a while.  Seeing as how I have 3 piles of clean laundry on the couch right now waiting to be folded, one load in the dryer, and one still in the washer waiting to be transferred, I’m really kinda hoping she’ll be willing to take over my kitchen and laundry duties in addition to playing with kiddos (hint, hint, Mom!).  I have definitely had embarrassingly epic failures in those areas!!   What a relief it will be though, to be able to run errands sans kiddos, have a helper when the kids are with me, and what a blessing it will be to have an adult around to be grandma to the kids and a motherly companion to me.

I often remind myself that prayer and a good night’s sleep can really turn things around, and in this case, it has certainly held true! Hopefully I will be able to get back to regular posts soon enough.