We all know that those new maternal hormones can cause a new mother to do some seriously crazy things.  Today, though, what I witnessed beat all.

Remember those barn cats I got a while back, that wound up pregnant very shortly thereafter?  Yeah, well, as it turned out the one just delivered yesterday.  She had an adorable litter of 5 kittens.  I had brought her inside to have them to hopefully avoid her being rebred before we can get her spayed this time.  Unfortunately, she wound up having them in the drawer under our dryer (which was off at the time).  Since I needed to use my dryer, I moved her to a box nearby, where she could have peace and quiet.  This afternoon, I went to check on her and see how the little ones were doing.


Ah, but something caught my eye.  Something just wasn’t right.  Look closely…..really closely.


Not sure?  Well, the first thing I saw was a tail that didn’t quite match the kitten next to it.


We bumped it, and it turned around to greet us.


Yes, one of my best mousers (and she really is good at her job, believe it or not!) is now raising a young mouse with her litter of kittens.  She is totally aware of its presence, as the visitor ran right under her nose multiple times as we sat there and watched.  Sarah just looked at it lovingly.  I haven’t seen it go so far as to nurse (is that even possible?), but it obviously loves to cuddle up between her and the kittens.  It is very young, probably only just weaned from its own mother.  It doesn’t seem to have a lot of fear of me yet, so when I reach in to stroke a kitten, several times, it walked up onto the kittens back to sniff my hand, and one time, it crawled right up onto my finger.  Not that I usually care to harbor mice in my home, but I confess, I’m a little curious to see what happens, so I left it in the box.  I’m not even exactly sure how it got there.  I have trouble believing Sarah went as far as to catch it, and put it in there, although I suppose it’s possible.  More likely, though, it managed to come through the open area of insulation around the unfinished window that sits directly above the box, and fell in.  Either way, I am just fascinated at what these maternal hormones have turned my cat into!