We recently had a virus go through the family.  Poor R had the worst case of it, and absolutely could not sleep at nap or at night.  She would be OK until she laid down, and then all the gunk would settle into her lungs and she would be unable to breathe, start a croupy cough, and sometimes cough until she gagged or threw up.  Poor girl.  First, I tried the humidifier, which helped but didn’t solve the problem.  I tried Chest rubs, sitting out with her in the cool night air, and even gave in and tried a little medicine to help her breathe.  I even tried propping her up on extra pillows, but as soon as she fell asleep, she would just slide down to a more horizontal position and start coughing again.  Nothing worked.  Then, out of desperation for my own sleep, I came up with a new plan.


I put her carseat in her bed, propped the head rest up on her stack of pillows, and put her in it.  Granted, it helped that she really likes her car seat.  In any case, the slight incline coupled with the head support pillows that prevented her from folding over onto her bed in a totally horizontal position worked!  Poor girl (and poor mommy) finally got a good night’s sleep!  She even slept late the next morning since she was so tired.  After 3 nights in her carseat, she was finally on the mend.

Then she gave her cold to Mommy.  The only problem was, I outgrew my car seat MANY years ago.