Butterball is a fairly recent addition around here.  We’ve had him about a month, and he is going on 4 months old.



After Katie and her kittens went to a new home, and then Shadow just disappeared one night, we were down to just one barn kitty–Sarah, the calico we got back in May.  The mice were starting to take over, so we needed more barn cats.  Our local vet was giving away several, and offering a discount on multiple spays.  We took advantage of the deal, picked up Butterball and an adolescent neutered male for free.  Then, we picked a new 6-month old female and had her and Sarah spayed.

The three older ones are a bit more timid and prefer calm, quiet, and safety.  Butterball, however, is another story, and gets into EVERYTHING.  The older cats sit patiently and wait for their meal while I milk.  Butterball climbs my leg, bats at the goats’ ears, tries to steal milk from the pail, and is a general nuisance.  The other cats mostly avoid the dog-patrolled paddocks, but not Butterball.  One day, while we were out there working, he came right under the gate.  I really didn’t know what the dogs would do to him, so we watched.  I had seen them chase other cats out of the pasture or up trees, but Butterball clearly wasn’t scared.  To the contrary, he walked right up to them and introduced himself!



The girls sniffed him all over, determined he wasn’t a threat, and walked off.  Butterball wasn’t too happy about that idea.  He begged Athena to let him help with the day’s patrol duties.



Athena was less than impressed and told him to go play with the other cats.  Her job was far too important for the playful antics of a kitten.  She was nice about it though.

Honestly, I found it a neat testament to the ever-impressive dispositions of my Colorado Mountain Dogs.  Their temperaments and personalities never fail to impress me.  They truly have no desire to attack or kill any creature, and reserve any aggressive behavior for a true threat to their charges–be they 2 or 4 legged.