Over the summer, S discovered a new type of pant called “firehose pants.”  They are sold by Duluth Trading Company.  Apparently they are made of the same material as fire hoses, supposed to be very rugged, and offer a guarantee that they won’t rip or tear.  S was in love with the concept and begged for a pair for his birthday back in September.  I obliged.  They seemed like fairly normal, if slightly thicker material, cargo pants.  Until last week.

S needed to cut down a tree and then cut it into a bunch of logs to stack it.  He was wearing his firehose work pants.  In addition, he was also wearing his Stihl chainsaw safety chaps, helmet, and gloves.


About half-way through the cutting, he took a bit of break to help the kids stack some of the wood, and while doing so, he took off his chaps because they were in the way.  After stacking, he returned to cutting, but totally forgot to put his chaps back on.  Not long after, a branch snapped back at him, flinging the running chainsaw right into his lower thigh.  Have you ever experienced a situation where time slows down?  He said it was like that.  He felt his pants get caught up in the chain, tug tight, and the blade came to a complete stop.  He was scared to look down, fearing he would find his leg half cut off.  He finally did, and found this:




Now he has a really good, quite powerful chainsaw–a Stihl MS 311 to be exact.  We’re talking serious cutting power, like a hot knife through butter.  He had just had it snap back onto his totally unprotected (or so he thought) thigh.  Yet, he was completely unscathed.


We are both amazed.  And thankful as can be.  This could have been a serious accident, yet, thanks first to God’s divine provision, and second, to a really awesome pair of work pants, he was completely unharmed.  S has written the company to tell them about this incident.  However, if you are in need of a good pair of work pants, while they aren’t guaranteed as chainsaw-proof pants, we highly recommend them as some seriously heavy-duty pants!