Have you ever experienced that uncomfortable and strange feeling of someone knowing way too much about you?  It’s a feeling I encounter with increasing frequency.  Most often, it’s because I run into someone–usually a stranger– who has been secretly following our blog for some time.  I have been caught off guard too many times to count, when some stranger walks up and says something like, “Sorry to hear about your calf,” or, “What was the result of your rabbitry experiment?”

With my blog being the last thing on my mind when I am out and about, I usually respond with something like, “Huh?  How do you know about that?”  Duh.  Because I wrote it and published it for all of cyberspace to see.  That’s how.

Well, it happened again.  S and I were out to dinner on a rare, childless date the other night.  Mind you, we live in a small town (around 2,000 pop.), and this was a humble little pizza shop with about 12 tables to choose from.  Another family walked in and sat at the table next to us.  One of the men at this table stood up, walked over to S, and asked, “Are you Red Gate Farm?”  (By the way, Hi Jeff!)

It happened again.  This gentleman knew all about our farm and our family, our journey from CO to IL, and the ups and downs of learning to be farmers.  Word spreads fast in a small town, but as it turns out, he hadn’t learned about us from town gossip.  Rather, as he began his own farming adventure last year, he found us on Google.  Turns out, we live a town apart!  Then, he politely let me know I needed to kickstart myself back into gear and get to writing again!

Honored to know someone actually missed me, I am taking that as my motivation to get back to it.  I will do my best to post regularly as a result.