I am counting down the days until our farm is officially draft-powered.  In other words, the real work around here–that work which requires solid, unwavering, brute strength–will be supplied entirely by 2 large….make that VERY large….Belgian geldings.  The horses are supposed to come home the last Saturday of March.  That isn’t long from now.  In fact, just yesterday, the teamster we are working with to purchase and train with them sent me a photo:


Sorry it isn’t a very good photo, but it gives you some idea anyway.  For the record, the handlers on either side are averaged sized young women.  These horses’ withers are almost 6 feet high!  They look on the thin side because they are still young and somewhat gangly appearing.  They still have growing and filling out to do.  Yes, I confess, that intimidates me a little.  However, they have supposedly been used almost daily for almost 2 years now, and have basically “been there, done that.”  We get to see them in person for the first time and try them out next week.

In preparation, and to keep them in shape once they arrive, we wanted something for them to pull other than the huge number of logs we have in mind.  I got online, did my research as usual, and finally found an almost-brand-new-but-with-used-price Pioneer Classic Wagon.  It looks identical to this:

Pioneer Classic

This is our new ATV, SUV, log-hauler, RV, and transport into town.  It’s big enough for the whole family, strong enough to haul a LOT of logs, hay-bales, straw-bales, wood chips, or whatever, pretty enough to haul passengers, Christmas-y enough for holiday parades, and light enough for 2 horses to pull.  Now, it is sitting nicely in our barn, under a cover to protect from dust and kitty claws, waiting patiently for its double motor (the horses).  I am so excited!!