Our new “Rabbitat” is coming together.  That’s the name we’ve chosen for the rabbit yard we are building.  We still have a lot to do before calling it “finished,” but it is progressing.  This week, I got the perimeter fencing up.  We wanted something that would blend into the landscape, keep rabbits out, and be easy for JR to get in and out of.  S found 2 foot tall rabbit-fence, designed to keep rabbits out of gardens.  We figured we’d try it.


You can barely see it in the photo.  If you look closely (toward the bottom center of the photo), the bottom foot of the fence has small 1 inch mesh, perfect for keeping the young, weaned kits in.  The upper portion is just a deterrent to the bigger rabbits.  Could they jump it?  They probably could, but I think it is highly unlikely.  We stretched this wire out for 30 foot sides, and a 30 foot center dividing wall between the two yards, and each yard is 15 foot wide.  Although it currently has T-posts, which can see in the photo, that is temporary.  Eventually, we will either replace those with something shorter or cut them off at the 2 foot height.  We just want to make sure this fence will work first.  The height meant we didn’t have to create a gate.  It is tall enough to keep really little kiddos out, but short enough that JR and adults can easily step right over.

The bunnies love it.  JR has already taken a few out to exercise, and they romped, dug in the dirt, ran around, and literally leapt for joy.  They loved being out!  Since the yard isn’t yet rabbit-tight, they can only play while supervised.  When JR tries to catch the normally-easy-to-catch bunnies, they aren’t so thrilled about it!  They would much rather stay out and play!  In time.