If there is a creek to be found, our boys will likely find it.  It just happens that our property has several spots where the boys can easily climb down the trails and play in the mud.  During a recent adventure, they discovered more than water and mud.


JR came home, asking if I would cook his find up for dinner.  I politely declined.  My adventurous side has its limits.  I don’t even like lobster that much.  Crayfish, or “crawdad’s” as we like to say, are a little too cock-roach looking to me.  S, on the other hand, was willing, and told JR that if he could catch at least 10 or so, he would cook them up for dinner.  To JR’s dismay, this one little guy was the only one found that day, so he eventually released it.  Now he is busy planning his next crayfish hunt.