Hello, and maybe I should introduce myself.  I seem to have broken my own record for length of time not blogging.  Who’d have guessed retirement with hubby home all day would be busier than mom-life with husband working in a career all day?!  But, as one blog-buddy put it, we are living the dream, and loving every moment of it….well almost every moment.

Oh, where do I start?  How about babies?  Because everyone loves babies, right?

We had the most amazing kid crop this year.  Best ever!  The does were fertile, the deliveries were easy, and the kids were all the same weights, roughly.   These are all signs of good nutrition, which I attribute to the winter hay and woodland browse they got last fall through this spring.  Faith had a single buckling.  Again.  Thus, we decided it was time to cull her.  Don’t worry, we didn’t eat her.  Just sold her to another family who didn’t need the high quantities of milk we prefer, and didn’t mind single births.  Joy delivered twins, totally unassisted.  Caramel, our petite little doe, amazingly delivered a huge single doeling totally unassisted.  Just popped it right out.  The doeling clearly did not have mom’s petite genetics, and will no doubt be full sized.  Nonetheless, we decided to cull those genetics as well.  I sold Caramel and her doeling to a lady who was starting a mini-Alpine herd, for which they were perfect.  Latte’ delivered triplets–two does and a buck, and all were the spitting image of her!  She was the only one I had to assist a bit, as the first little doeling had her nose tucked a bit when the other two decided to race her to the birth canal and got her all jammed up in there.  I just had to get her little nose up into the canal, and then she popped out, followed quickly by the other two.  Needless to say, we paired down our goat herd again.  We are down to Latte, Joy, and Joy’s little doeling, Hope.  We harvested all the bucklings and sold the other doelings.  Here’s a few of the kid photos, just for fun.






Tiffany, the Lowline, and Abbigail, our jersey, had their calves about a week apart.  Both calved unassisted, though both calves required a little forced colostrum to get them going.  I’m not sure why that was, but it was another strike against cattle, who S has decided are his least favorite animal on the farm.  Tiffany and Hollie, the other cow, along with Tiffany’s bull calf are all up for sale, and will hopefully be gone by the end of the week.  Abbigail’s cutie of a heifer calf was purchased by the owner of the sire for his grandson to raise as a nurse cow, as she is a Jersey/Lowline cross.  Did you get that last sentence?  Just read it a couple more times and it will eventually fall into place.  I will probably do the same breeding this year, if the sire is still available.  I had a blast training the heifer to a bottle and halter training her before she left.  She even wound up the star of a recent petting zoo event we did in town.

Tiffany's bull calf

Tiffany’s bull calf

Abby's heifer calf

Abby’s heifer calf

We have chicks running out the wazoo.  We recently got our second batch of meat birds from Murray McMurray hatchery.  In an attempt to increase our laying flock for next year, I bought up a bunch from craigslist, and we have hatched another batch.  We currently have about 75 meat bird chicks in the tractors, and about 44 purebred and mixed breed laying chicks in the brooder.

We’ve also had several litters of rabbit kits.  JR recently lost Pelham, his old, favorite buck, which was a bummer.  He also had trouble getting one of his new does bred, so he decided to cull her and start over with one of Pelham’s last litter.

That’s it for babies around the farm.  I’ll try once again to get you updated.  I have gotten several inquiries as to my whereabouts from some faithful readers, and I greatly appreciate it.  It’s always nice knowing folks out there care and are praying for us.  We’ve had a few tough times recently, and needed all the prayers, for sure.  Things are going well now, and actually slowing down a little for the first time, so we’ll see if I can be more regular.