Yesterday was a big day.  It was time to unwrap Nick’s leg and do some tending to it.  He was a good boy, considering.  I think he was having flashbacks to everything the vet did, but he relaxed a bit after a while.  It is clearly very sore, and he would prefer we not touch it.





So far, the incision is looking good.  The swelling has started, but isn’t too bad, and there is no heat, which is a very good thing.  After all of his recent stumbling on that hoof, I was very concerned we would find some busted sutures, but there were none and all looked good.  We hosed, doctored, and re-wrapped it for another day or two.

Poor Nick has had enough of stall life.  He lives in the stall, and during the night time hours, we allow his brother, Bud, to have access to the alleyway in front of the stall (the size of a stall itself) and the paddock directly behind the barn.  Most of the time when we check on them, either Nick is hanging his head out of the stall window to see Bud, or, more often, Bud has his head hanging through INTO Nick’s stall.  Other times, Bud is in the alley stall with his head hanging over the stall railing.  The miss each other very much.

Nick is doing well on his daily walks to the back grazing paddock.  He still stumbles, but it is becoming less frequent, leaving me hopeful that it is caused by soreness rather than nerve damage.  I won’t know for a while yet, though.

Speaking of Nick, it’s time to go tend to him.  I’ll keep you posted.