Our long-awaited, first litter of livestock guardian pups arrived this week!  Iris did a great job, and is an awesome mother.  She was a little confused with the first pup, and while cleaning, actually picked it up in her mouth and held it there, looking at me like “What is this, and what am I supposed to do with it?!”  I helped her out a little on that one, and once I got it nursing, I guess the hormones and maternal instincts kicked in, and she pretty much figured it out after that.


Now we have 8 little bundles of cuteness in the barn.  For the record, they are Colorado Mountain Dogs, which are a carefully and selectively bred cross that is majority Great Pyrenees and a little Anatolian Shepherd.  They make excellent dogs on a small homestead, are very social and friendly by nature, but have a ferocious bark to warn away predators.  These pups were born in the barn, right next to our chick brooder, so they are literally raised with livestock from the moment they are born.  As they grow, they will be introduced to the other stock, including goats, horses, cattle, rabbits, and a variety of poultry, and will be introduced to basic manners.  We are taking deposits now, and they are ready to go to their new homes at 8 weeks, but we offer several options to allow them additional training here on the farm.  See our website for all details:   http://redgatefarmllc.com/livestock_guardian_dogs