I think the best place to start is to catch you up to speed on the family and farm, and go from there…..

S and I survived the retirement, moving, farm setup, and so forth, and are still happily married!  By God’s grace, we also managed to do it with 5 children still homeschooling…though I won’t deny there have been an unmentioned number of days where S had to take over school lest I enroll them in our local school system.  The kids are getting bigger, and we are just getting older.  Our bodies fight against us every day, and we often wish we could have started this farm 20 years ago, when we still had energy and youth on our side.


We’ve learned that there are only so many hours in a day, and things must be prioritized to get any of it accomplished.  As a result, the house and landscaping have been all but neglected, while we have been busy raising the children, and building the farm and the business.

The farm…..oh, where do I start?!  Our farm animals now consist of Hereford feeder cattle, horses, breeder and feeder Red Wattle hogs, chickens…..LOTS of chickens, turkeys, rabbits, ducks (well, currently, just A duck), American and French Alpine dairy goats, a few barn cats, and our livestock guardian dogs to protect them all.  We also have JR’s cockatiel and a new little house mutt we adopted from the shelter last year, after we lost our Will and Callie within months of each other.





The farm projects and additions include a new pond, the makings of our new walipini (to be explained later), a trail down into the back property, a “Paddock Paradise” track for the horses (and another in the making–more on that later), a good sized garden, mushroom patch, orchard, and berry selection for our food and our new CSA program, new structures and shelters….both permanent and portable, a renovated barn, new winter pens and paddocks, and I’m sure I’m forgetting a few things.  It’s all stilll powered by Nick and Bud, our work horses.


Serving customers keeps us busy these days as well.  We offer almost all the above animals for meat, some of which we harvest here on the farm.  We offered a CSA produce program this year, which was a tremendous success.  We offer a variety of classes and clinics, as well as tours here on the farm, for those looking to get ideas or learn about sustainable permaculture-style farming.  Then, in our “free” time, we offer wagon and carriage rides, and participate in educational events with our team of draft horses.


So there you go….life and farm in a nutshell.