The Lord has truly blessed us with our 5 beautiful children.  Just a few short years ago, we could never have imagined ourselves as parents of a large family.  Since that time, however, God has truly opened our eyes to the fact that children are a reward and a blessing, directly from God, and created in His own image.   The fact that He has entrusted us to raise these children is often an overwhelming and humbling concept to think about.  Nonetheless, we are trying to do the job He has called us to do.




JR is our oldest.  He was the baby I never dreamed I would have.  Born in 2004, he had a pretty rough start.  While God healed his health issues, those same issues were the start of our journey toward an organic, self-sufficient lifestyle.  Today, JR is a happy-go-lucky, compassionate child, and everyone falls in love with him within moments of meeting him.  He is an awesome big-brother, very protective of his younger siblings, and loves to be our big helper.  He is in charge or running our rabbit program and caring for the meat chickens on the farm.



m-1-1M is second-born.  Born in 2006, she was introduced to military life immediately since we had to move across the country when she was only 6 weeks old.  She is full tomboy, with an insatiable passion for horses.  She adores her big brother, and tries to copy everything he does.  She takes after me in her love for animals, and could spend all day cuddling a furry critter.  She is also left-handed, which sometimes adds a level of difficulty during our homeschool day.  She helps care for the LGD’s, layers, and turkeys on the farm, and also helps sort eggs for our customers.



a-1Born in 2008, A was the first baby that came to us through adoption.  We met his birthmother while she was still pregnant, and arrived at the hospital to meet A just hours after his birth.  He has been ours ever since.  We were extremely blessed to have the opportunity to get to know A’s birthmom so we have some stories to tell him as he grows.  Due to drug exposure in-utero, he can be a bit more of a challenge than the others, but everyone who meets A describes him as “bubbly.”   He adores his older siblings.  He wants to do everything they do.



n-1N was born in 2009, and he was our surprise baby, of sorts!   We were matched with his birthmother the same day our homestudy was completed.  N was born just 10 days later, a month earlier than expected, and I got the call to pick him up when he was 4 days old.  I had a moment of panic when I realized that A wasn’t even walking yet, but, of course, we were thrilled.  We were blessed shortly after N’s birth, when we experienced God’s healing power once again.  N was born with a leg issue that miraculously healed with no explanation.  At one year of age, he was diagnosed with cerebral palsey, but thanks to God’s healing hand, encouragement from his family “team,” and a team of therapists, he has caught up developmentally.  Looking at him now, you would never be able to guess what he has been through.  He is only 9 months younger than A, so they are treated like twins in many ways.  He is always happy, thrives easily, and loves to play with his siblings.


r-1R is our youngest and first open adoption.  After completing our homestudy, rather than “seeking” a baby through an agency, we put a profile online, where a young girl in need could find us in God’s timing.  Two months later, R’s birthmom found us, and wanted to meet.  She requested an open adoption, and we agreed.  R was born in 2011, and has been the happiest, healthiest, easiest baby we have ever had.  R is our “girly-girl,” painting her nails, wearing dresses any chance she gets, fixing her hair, and loves the color pink!  She enjoys being Mommy’s helper, and is developing a passion for horses as well.



We truly enjoy being parents, spending time as a family, watching them grow and develop, and we look forward to what the future holds!



5 Responses to “Children”

  1. I just found your blog and am enjoying reading it. Your children are so precious and what a blessing!! Bless you and your husband as well as those beautiful children that God has entrusted to you both!

  2. Sherra Lattig Says:

    Hey long time friends from Vegas. I still follow your blog from time to time and it is wonderful to hear all of your news. Would love to hear from you again and how you are doing with 5!!! Will continue to pray and wish God’s blessings on you all. Aaron & Sherra

  3. What beautiful children! How lucky you both are!

    1. redgatefarm Says:

      We are, indeed, very blessed!

  4. Sue Says:

    Looks like a relay plus alternate to me. Congrats! xxoo

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