We currently maintain a mixed flock of hens, including Rhode Island Red, Silver Spangled Hamburgs, Buff Orpingtons, Jersey Giants, Aracaunas, Light Brahmas (our favorite), and some mixed breeds.  In addition, we occasionally raise a small flock of meat birds including older heritage breeds and modern Cornish cross hybrids.

Hens foraging the hay field.

Hens foraging the hay field.

Similiar to all our animals, we raise our chickens as naturally as possible.  Our layers have a custom-designed coop, with large windows, good ventilation, comfy and secure nest boxes, and natural tree-branch perches of varying heights.  They get locked up only at night, for their own safety (we do have predators living nearby), and they are protected by our Colorado Mountain Dogs during the day.  They spend their days free-ranging our lush pasture paddocks, eating as much grit, bugs, greens, and whatever else their hearts desire!  Their portable coop is moved almost every day to a fresh paddock, following several days behind the other livestock, in order to help churn the manure piles into the soil, and prevent flies and parasites for the other animals (chickens LOVE fly larvae!!). To keep the digestive system running well, ward off yucky intestinal bugs, and add a boost of calcium and protein, we give the layers regular amounts of cheese whey, kefir, soured yogurt, and/or goat’s milk–all of which they absolutely love!  That is all in addition to their 100% organic, non-GMO free-choice layer pellets, kelp, oyster shell, and grit.

Our meat birds are raised similiarly, although they have a large “chicken tractor” for shelter.  The portable tractor is moved daily to fresh ground, and encourages meat growth, while ensuring the birds have plenty of exercise and opportunities for exhibiting their natural desires to scratch, flap their wings, run around and play, and search for yummy tidbits.  Their diet consists of 100% organic chick feed, supplemented by a daily buffet of fresh pasture grasses, scraps from our kitchen, and any extra whey, yogurt, kefir, or milk.  These additions keep the birds busy and stimulated, fulfilling their God-given instincts for searching out food, while also keeping them healthy and free of disease.

We love having happy animals, and if you spend a few minutes watching our happy chickens, you will have no doubt they enjoy their lives immensely.  It is such a pleasure, and so relaxing, to just sit and watch them at their antics, that a few minutes can quickly turn into an hour.  Not only do they look happy, but also healthy, with their fully feathered bodies, free of bald spots or bloody areas where other birds have picked at them (with the exception of a couple of hens that our rooster has a preference for mounting!).  They have a bright sheen as the sun reflects off their feathers, straight toes (crooked toes are caused from a nutrient deficiency), all good examples of how a healthy diet and lifestyle contribute to beautiful, healthy, happy birds!  When they are so selflessly providing us with our eggs and meat, the least we can do is give them the life they deserve.


If you are interested in purchasing chicks, meat birds, pullets, laying hens, or eggs, please see our “Sales” page to see if anything is currently available.  If nothing is listed, we usually keep a few extra on hand, so we may still be willing to sell or barter a small number.  Just use the moderated comments feature to ask!


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