After some early experimenting, we decided to focus our efforts on raising purebred, high-quality, dairy Alpines.  We were blessed to be able to purchase an amazing purebred Alpine buck from some of the top dairy and show lines in the state of Colorado (Mamm-Key).  We later added 2 unrelated Alpine does, with equally impressive lines. Our herd began to grow from there.  Although we are unable to show at this time in our lives, our goal is to maintain a small group of impressively competitive, show-quality, highly-productive dairy goats, that also thrive and produce well for the homestead.


Based on our personal research and Bible-based beliefs, like all of our animals, our goats are treated as naturally and according to God’s design as we can manage.  We believe strongly that many common illnesses and diseases can be prevented by simply ensuring the goat is healthy to begin with.  This starts with disease-free stock and proper nutrition.  Our goats receive a diet of high-quality, chemical-free mixed pasture grasses and forage, natural and organic grains, natural supplements, vegetables, and herbs.  We try to avoid medications and chemicals if at all possible.  Instead, we use diatomaceous earth and natural, herbal dewormers.  They have large, grassy paddocks to play in, and with rare exception, are rotated every day to a new, fresh paddock.  This keeps the grass fresh, prevents parasites from re-infesting, and prevents unpleasant odors and other side affects.  They have safe and well-ventilated shelters, as much grooming and handling as possible.  In addition, they receive regular hoof trims and overall health evaluations.  We also regularly test for CAE, CL, and Johnes, and others on occasion.

When it comes to raising kids, we continue to apply the “natural, as-God-designed” approach as much as possible.  We allow our does to deliver, groom, and bond with their kids, assisting only if absolutely necessary.  We also prefer the outcome of dam-raised kids that spend their early days as part of a herd.  Of course, we handle the kids daily, so they are just as friendly as any bottle-raised kid.  We leave kids on their dams for the first 2 weeks, then, for our milking does, we usually seperate the kids at night so we can milk in the morning, then put the kids back in with mom to spend the day.  We feel this seems to create both well-muscled, thriving kids, while still encouraging early rumen development.  As a general rule, we like to wean the kid entirely from their dam around 8 weeks of age.

For more information on our individual goats, please click on the links below:

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