Like all the other critters here at Red Gate Farm, we prefer to raise our bees as naturally as possible, while still having the ability to harvest some of their honey.  We do not use miticides or antibiotics.  We have allowed our bees to regress back to natural size, which naturally controls many common apiary problems.  Our queens mate naturally, and we do everything in our power to avoid feeding pollen substitutes or sugar water by trying to leave them plenty of honey stores to get them through winter.  We allow our bees to build their own foundations, which is another way to prevent chemicals from getting into the hive or the honey.  We try to ensure there is as big a selection as possible of nectar and pollen around our farm, by planting bee-friendly pasture grasses and garden plants, in the hopes they will be happy here at home and reduce their flights to other, possibly chemically-contaminated fields.  We are switching over to higher entrances to keep the wax cleaner and the hive activity more natural.

As far as we are concerned, happy bees are easier to work around, and they make delicious, healthy, raw honey!


3 Responses to “Honey Bees”

  1. Jamie Says:

    Hi, I am interested in getting some honey from you and possibly a few other items. Lots of great information, thanks for following Gods plan for you and your family! I can’t seem to find your contact information so please let me know..????

  2. Anthony Echibe Says:

    Hi, we tried your ” Local Raw Summer Blossom Honey” and we loved it. How can we source this product in the future. We stopped by at the store the last place we bought some in the past and they had ran out of stock. Kindly advice, we could use some right about now.

    1. redgatefarm Says:

      I’m afraid you have us mixed up with someone else. We do not sell in storefronts–only on the farm. There are many Red Gate Farms around the country, so you might want to check the location. We are in Petersburg, IL.

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