After experimenting with several different breeds, we decided to focus our breeding efforts on developing a breed of homestead rabbit that was hardy, healthy, friendly, resistant to common diseases, easy breeders, good parents of large litters, and producers of excellent meat.  We believe we have reached that goal with our current mixed-breed herd consisting of 3 does and 2 bucks.

We keep our stock healthy by allowing them to act as naturally as possible, and using preventative measures of disease control rather than medications.  While feed a quality organic pelleted feed, supplemented with fresh, hand-cut pasture grass, high-quality hay (to satisy their natural desire to chew), occasional organic grains and produce, and fresh water.  We custom-built extra large cages with wire bottoms for cleanliness, but solid floor lounging areas to prevent hock sores.  To prevent unpleasant odors or fumes that could damage their lungs, we use a combination of vermicomposting (worms bins) under their cages, as well as occasionally letting the hens in to churn up the shavings under the cages.  While they are currently housed inside our cool barn for the summer, we hope to build an outdoor arbor to house the cages in, where the rabbits can all get more natural light and fresh air.  We believe all these techniques work together to keep our little rabbitry clean, healthy, and pleasant to be in.

Whether you are looking for a pet, a pair of breeders, or meat for the dinner table, we can help you get started!  Just use our moderated comments feature to contact us.


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