The following recipes are few of our favorites around here.  I try to make them as organic and healthy as possible.  Because I am a Type 1 diabetic, and because we strictly limit the sugar we allow our children to consume, you may find that my recipes are not as sweet as most.  We have learned to like just enough sweetness to make food taste pleasant, without going overboard.  Whenever I can, I prefer using Stevia as a sweetener, or raw cane sugar (in place of granulated) or rapadura sugar (in place of brown sugar) as my second choice, as well as raw milk, unsalted butter, and other organic ingredients.  I replace any shortening in a recipe with either butter or coconut oil.  I have also modified many of my recipes in order to use lots of vegetables, whole grains, freshly ground flours, or other complex (healthier) carbohydrates.  Most of all, though, I just try to have fun making food-from-scratch for my family, using ingredients that the Lord has blessed us with.

If you decide to try one, please leave a comment and let me know what you think!

Breads and Rolls

Sweet Breads


Snacks, Bars, and Cookies

Cakes and Desserts


Non-Food Recipes

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