Attention all my readers with older homeschool students:

God has laid a burden on our hearts to complete a project.  While it is a specific project, the details are still coming together at this point.  That being said, we need your teen-age-ish homeschooler’s help!  This project will be very beneficial to your student, as they will be able to practice researching, writing essays, thinking for themselves, and forming an educated opinion, in addition to learning about the topics assigned, in turn, helping educate our society as a whole, and preparing the next generation with knowledge of our history and government they may not receive otherwise (at least, not to this extent).  I am truly excited to begin working on this calling, and pray that God can use it to fulfill His will.  If you/they would be interested in participating in a real-life, history/political science research project, please let me know.  Be sure to include your preferred e-mail in your comment (I will delete it before posting the comment).  I will send you all the info.  Thanks so much!!