Oak Tree

Red Gate Farm is a beautiful place in the midwest, sitting on top of a bluff, and nestled into the woods.  It is comprised of about 25 acres, some of which is woodland and some fenced pasture, a cozy little farmhouse, and a barn.  The house was built in 1989, but the builder used pieces from an old hotel, giving the home a very antique, rustic charm.  It’s roughly 1600 square feet, so plenty big for our family of 7–assuming we spend most of our time outside!  We bought the farm in 2005, with the intent of moving there when S retired from the Air Force a few years later.   We spent the interim years taking our annual vacations at the farm, working on maintaining and improving the land and structures so it would be ready to farm when we moved in.  That day finally arrived in the spring of 2013, and we moved into our beloved Red Gate Farm.  Since our ultimate goal was to homestead and be as God-sufficient as possible, we designed the farm with a rain-collection system to supplement the often-dry well, a fruit and berry orchard, salad, herb, and vegetable garden, a portable chicken coop, and rotational paddocks that house a few each of goats, beef cattle, hogs, horses, meat rabbits, meat chickens, layer hens, turkeys, and ducks.  Of course, those are in addition to our faithful companion dogs and mouse-catching cats.  S is planning for a solar and wind-powered, off grid (or at least supplemental) power system.  So subscribe to our blog, and follow us on our journey to a self-sufficient farm life!

To learn more about the specifics of our farm, how to purchase meats and products from us, or how to reserve our horse-drawn wagon for your special event, please visit our website at www.redgatefarmllc.com

The Farmhouse

The Farmhouse

6 Responses to “The Farm”

  1. Terri Says:

    I didn’t realize you guys owned a farm. Bet you are dreaming about when you get to move there. It looks beautiful!

  2. redgatefarm Says:

    “Dreaming” hardly describes it! LOL The only problem with vacationing there is that dh has to practically force me to leave every time! The blog header is a pic looking across the large pasture, and you can just see the barn on the other side.

  3. Anita Meisen Says:

    I love reading about your life!

  4. TikkTok Says:

    Where is the email subsribe?

    1. redgatefarm Says:

      Honestly, I’m not sure. I think it is up in the top left corner. It’s there somewhere, because I get subscribers all the time. Wish I could help more, but my screen looks different.

  5. TikkTok Says:

    I have a widget for email subscriptions. The dashboard will let me follow via WP, but I don’t see anything for email……..

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