We love animals, and we could tell stories about our past animals for hours!  We have had some really confused animals (like the goose who raised chicks and the goat who thought she was human), some rescued animals (the full-bred Australian Shepherd who adopted us or the donkey that wound up being in foal when we adopted her), some highly trained animals (service dogs), some really untrained animals (wild horses that we gentled and trained for the BLM), some interesting animals (a brain-damaged cat), and some normal animals (is that possible?).  Due to our transient military lifestyle, we had to scale back for a while.  Now that we are finally settling in at Red Gate Farm, we have acquired a handful of farm critters to complete our homestead.

In keeping with our beliefs regarding stewardship of our blessings and organic living, we do everything in our power to feed and raise our animals according to how God designed them.  As sustainable author and farmer Joel Salatin says, “We want to honor the cowness of the cow, the pigness of the pig,” and, in our case, the goatness of the goat, and so forth.  Our herbivorous cows eat grass–not poultry manure, ground up dead cows, or candy waste.  Our omnivorous pigs and chickens are not kept in confined crates, but forage in woods and pasture to their hearts’ content, supplemented only with completely organic, gmo-free, and chemical-free grains, excess raw milk and whey, garden scraps and kitchen leftovers (also organic and chemical-free).  Likewise, our other animals are provided as much of a natural, healthy, unconfined lifestyle as we can offer.   It isn’t always perfect or ideal, but we do the best we can to give our animals a happy, comfortable, peaceful life, where they can express their natural instincts to the fullest.

Now, let me introduce you to our current furred and feathered family.  Just click the critter name that most interests you to learn more about how and why we raise our animals the way we do:

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